Nitrous Oxide kit for your Hayabusa

Nitrous Oxide has long been a tool used by the masses to gain increased performances in both cars and motorcycles. A question many ponder when planning to buy a nitrous kit for a Hayabusa is, how does it work? Nitrous Oxide kits are made to increase horsepower and torque, but for short periods of time, unlike turbochargers which generally carry a consistent increase in performance. When you utilize a nitrous kit, it is not nitrous oxide going into the engine, the nitrous is heated to a specific temperature, then released. Once the nitrous oxide reaches approximately 570 degrees Fahrenheit, it splits into nitrogen and oxygen. By increasing the amount of oxygen flowing into the engine, you increased the amount of fuel to be passed to the engine within a given time frame. This, in turn, increases the amount of horsepower you are able to attain.

Another benefit of installing nitrous on a Hayabusa concerns the air intake. When nitrous oxide evaporates, it has somewhat of a cooling effect on the air intake. Cooling the air intake is beneficial because with cooler air has a higher density than that of hot air. This, in turn, causes even more oxygen to flow to the engine, giving you much greater horsepower


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